Web Accessibility

Cavan Monaghan Libraries is dedicated to creating spaces and providing services that are accessible to all. This includes creating an accessible website for all of our patrons to use. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us with your ideas. So far we have:

  • focused on creating a clean, well structured layout
  • provided text alternative for any non-text content such as photographs
  • used everyday language rather than library jargon
  • used colour contrast and sans-serif text styles to aide readability
  • used skip links for quicker navigation to page content

Improve your browser accessibility:

To magnify your browser window, hold down ‘Ctrl+’. To zoom out, hold down ‘Ctrl-‘.

Internet Explorer

Improve accessibility on your personal desktop:

For Windows:

You can change the settings in the Ease of Access Centre to adjust screen magnification, start the text to speech Narrator program, adjust contrast settings, keyboard settings, and many other details to make your desktop easier to use.

Visit your Ease of Access Centre by navigating to Start (or the Windows icon) > Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Centre.

You can also click Start (Windows icon) and search for ‘Ease of Access Centre’ in the toolbar.

For more information check out the Microsoft Accessibility Website.

For Mac:

Mac has a Universal Access toolbar that can be accessed to change your desktop’s contrast settings, zoom settings, access VoiceOver, as well as adjust keyboard and mousepad settings.

Visit the Universal Access toolbar by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Universal Access.

For a visual explanation on how to find the toolbar, click here.

For your iPad or iPhone devices:

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility.

From here you can access ways to adjust everything you need to make your device work better for you.

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