Donations @ The Cavan Monaghan Libraries

Donations of money:

donate to the library    Click the “donate” button to make an online donation to the Cavan Monaghan Libraries!

The Cavan Monaghan Libraries is a registered charity. As such, we can offer income tax receipts for monetary donations made to the Libraries. Donations of cash or cheque can be made at either branch. The Cavan Monaghan Libraries is now a member of CanadaHelps – Donations can be made online using  credit cards. According to CanadaHelps FAQ page,

What does it cost to make a donation?

We don’t charge you anything for making a donation or for creating a donor account. You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.


To cover the charges we incur for processing your transaction and to help with our overhead expenses, we charge a fee between 3.0% and 4.9% per transaction, depending on the type of donation you make and the charity’s agreement with CanadaHelps. Overall, just 1.8% of this fee goes to CanadaHelps to enable us to continue to build new and innovative online fundraising tools for charities at the best non-commercial rates. The remainder of the fee goes to cover costs we incur from credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions for processing donations.


 Click here for more information on [CanadaHelps] fees.



Donations of books or other materials:

Donations are always welcome! This includes books, audiobooks, DVDs, craft supplies (for our events), et cetera. Donated material is compared to the collection, added if it is something we don’t already have, used to replace older material or put into our ongoing sale. Material that is smelly or damaged will be recycled.

Donations of old glasses are collected at both branches, on behalf of The Lions Club.

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