iPads & Computers

The computers and iPads available at both branches are free for public use. You do not require a library card to use them.


Computers are outfitted with current Microsoft Office programs and operating systems. You can browse the Internet, access your e-mail, and use them as you would at home. Please save any of your created documents with a USB stick or through your e-mail, as the computer system is wiped each night and any files saved will be lost.


The iPads are brand new! Three are available at the Millbrook Branch, two at the Bruce Johnston Branch. They are outfitted with a selection of Apps appropriate for all ages, including games for toddlers, school aged children, and links to news sites and other topics of interest. You can also use them to access the Library catalogue through the App pinned to the bottom. If you have any favourites, let us know and maybe we’ll add them to the list.

If you have an iPad of your own and aren’t sure how to use it, come in and we’ll help you out. Also, visit some of the lessons below:

Basic iPad Lessons to Teach You the iPad

iPad Frequently Asked Questions, and Getting Started

Apple also has a free user guide available for you to download in iBooks to help guide you through everything your iPad can do. A PDF version can be found here. (Please note that this PDF link is for iOS 8.4 Software).

Special thanks to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for funding this new technology.

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