From home: use your library card number and email address to create an account and start reading!

  • A digital library available to browse on your smartphone, tablet, or computer any time you want. Download e-books and audiobooks and listen at your leisure. The Libby app is available for most devices, and makes browsing for books and reading them a breeze.
  • eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines on Overdrive may checkout for 7 or 14 days.
  • There are a limited number of copies of each title available. You may have to place a hold if all current copies are unavailable.
  • No late fees! When the due date for an item arrives, the item is automatically checked in and disappears from your account.
  • You can checkout 10 items at a time. If you finish an item and no longer need it, you can return it early.

Patrons, please note: the Libby app does not work on certain older devices. So, if you’re having problems, it’s possible that your app needs updating. A workaround is to use the web browser on the device to access the Libby website. Otherwise, you may need to update either your operating system, or your device.